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What is my glove size?

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To find your glove size, measure around the palm of your hand at the widest part, excluding your thumb. The circumference in number of inches is your approximate unlined glove size. If you have long fingers or nails, you may need to add a half size. For lined Geier gloves, to allow for the lining add at least a half size. (If you are right-handed, measure your right hand. If you are left-handed, measure your left hand.)

How do I care for my gloves?

Gloves in normal use require little care. Gloves which are normally kept dry will pick up enough natural oils from the skin to keep them supple. If they do become wet, and somewhat stiff after air-drying, they will soon soften with wear. (Do not dry gloves over direct heat.)

What grade/quality of leather is used?

The grade and quality of leather is usually indicative of appearance and not glove wearing quality. Glove wearing quality, softness, toughness, etc., is generally determined by the weight and the kind of leather used. The following should help you know what grade of leather to expect in each glove:

Tannery Run (TR) Normally the very best and poorest have been graded out, leaving a general run of leather that is suitable for grain side cutting. TR grade allows some natural imperfections and scars to appear, but these do not affect the wearing quality of the gloves. TR grade is generally run through with scars and marks, although at times it may be clear and almost select.

Select Indicates the appearance of this leather will be as good and clear as possible. Although deer and elk are wild animals with hide imperfections, in this grade they are held to a minimum.

Reverse (Suede) This leather has numerous scars, marks, and blemishes. It is turned over, using the flesh or suede side for the outside of the glove.

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